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Gelesen im Internet #22

Fast 1,5 Monate ohne Linksammlung. Ich bin nur sporadisch zum Lesen gekommen. Leider! Ich finde, die Einteilung in Kalenderwochen macht in letzter Zeit nur wenig Sinn. Neuer Versuch: Durchnummerieren!


  • Der Facebook-Skandal, aber sortiert
    Dennis Horn über den Facebook-Skandal, der zwar aufrüttelt, aber dann irgendwie doch nicht so Facebook-skandalös ist, wie er gemacht wird.
  • The ISIS Files
    Reporters of the Times search for old ISIS documents in fallen houses and try to gain insight into the workings of the machinery. It’s such a weird and frightening picture they paint. Takeaway points: Also terror runs through bureaucracy, and regime change seems to have similar shapes in different times… Quote: »“We have to be honest,” Mr. Hamoud said. “It was much cleaner under ISIS.”«
  • A few thoughts on Ray Ozzie’s “Clear” Proposal
    How could anyone imagine it could make sense to save all private keys in one central repository?!


  • The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete
    The title is a bit of an exaggeration but the essence (static, text-heavy PDFs may not be the best choice for modern-day research) is correct in my opinion. The Open Source vs. Mathematica angle is neat, but yay Open Source!
  • A black hole merger… merger… merger
    About searches for quantum gravity through gravitional waves and LIGO