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  • How Millennials Are Changing German Politics
    I like reading about German society a little from the outside. I don’t agree with the last paragraph, though; the trap part. Just because you complain about things you don’t necessarily agree with others complaining about the things.
  • Wie ein Bürgermeister seine Stadt rettet
    Interessantes, wenn auch viel zu oberflächliches Interview mit Mechelens Bürgermeister. Ganz habe ich seine Strategie allerdings noch nicht verstanden.


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  • Why physicists still use Fortran
    Can confirm: many physicists still use Fortran. Since I got to know the language better when working on projects, I could leave a few of the prejudices behind. Fortran is quite productive and closer to Python than to C. Modern Fortran is quite alright. (Things I never thought saying two years ago…)