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Hallo 2018. Mit etwas Verspätung geht’s auch dieses Jahr weiter mit meinem Gelesenen.




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Viel zu tun auf der Arbeit, unterwegs auf Dienstreise in den USA, krank. Ein Monat vergangen, aber nicht viel gelesen.


  • Das Märchen vom guten deutschen Brot
    Puh. Stern-Artikel zu lesen ist zäh und schwierig. Wenn man mal die Formkruste  weggefrühstückt hat, dann steht da allerdings ein im Korn interessanter Artikel. Die Fertigmischungen im Deutschen Industriebrot. Sicherlich nicht objektiv. (SCNR die Wortspiele)
  • Computing and the Fermi Paradox: A New Idea Emerges—The Aliens Are All Asleep
    A computing-based solution to the Fermi Paradox: All higher-evolved species live inside the computers they created; but those can only run most-efficiently when cooled. Best cooling: The universe itself. And while the current background temperature of the universe of 2.7 K is quite cold, at some point (1400 billion years) the universe will be at its coldest of e-30 K. So the species might just wait for that time to resurface, also because time is different to you once you’ve put yourself into a computer. Ooookay!
  • A Magical Answer to an 80-Year-Old Puzzle
    Who would’ve thought… The internet, helping solve Math puzzles. Article from 2015.
  • The World is Running Out of Sand
    With ever lager cities and artificial land creation, sand is overmined all over the world.



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  • Why physicists still use Fortran
    Can confirm: many physicists still use Fortran. Since I got to know the language better when working on projects, I could leave a few of the prejudices behind. Fortran is quite productive and closer to Python than to C. Modern Fortran is quite alright. (Things I never thought saying two years ago…)

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Gesellschaft / Kultur


  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra: The Ars Technica review
    The yearly read on all important changes with the new macOS update. This year: Nothing fancy, but many things under the hood.
  • Sonos may have just saved itself
    About Sonos One, Sonos’ new spaker with built-in Alex functionality (and Google Home and Siri (via iOS and AirPlay 2) coming up). I repeatedly thought about buying a Sonos for our home in the past, but the lack of open-ness (stream-wise) stopped me. I did not want to use their proprietary app. That is changed now – great! But now I’d have an always cloud-listening device in my home, which I cannot wrap my mind around. (Apple’s HomePod promises to be a good privacy compromise, but super expensive…)


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  • Fail-Safe Nuclear Power
    Bold claim. But interesting, how China tries to feed the hunger for energy of the country by using (and extending upon) 50 year-old technology. And speaking of high-energy, gas-cooled reactors… (Haven’t read the technology background article, yet.)



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  • The LaTeX fetish (Or: Don’t write in LaTeX! It’s just for typesetting)
    He definitevly speaks the truth, although I find a few aspects missing: Length of the document, revisions/version logs, reproducibility. Also: Learning curves. I like to use LaTeX for everything which needs to have a special form. For the rest, I’d rather use Markdown with pandoc to PDF. For slides, I’m using LaTeX Beamer since about two years. I like the possibilites it offers (but its at so many times a huge time pit…)


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