Gelesen im Internet KW 23

Zumindest eine Person interessiert sich für meine Artikelsammlung. Das reicht erstmal um ein bisschen weiter zu machen…
Spielregeln der Sammlung: Der Artikel muss mindestens fünf Minuten Lesedauer haben undoder besonders interessant sein. Englisch und deutsch gemischt mit Kommentar in jeweiliger Originalsprache.



  • Float or double?
    One of the things one (as in: I) learns when computing at the edge of performance (as in: high performance computing) – float or double, it does make a difference. In my case it’s usually not the storage aspect, but the computation. The current state-of-the-art NVIDIA GPU (P100) computes single-precision values twice as fast as double-precision values (10 TFLOP/s vs. 5 TFLOP/s). That’s at least worth a second thought about your data model, usually.
  • How is GNU `yes` so fast?
    Digging in to some GNU core utilities program
  • Detecting Fake Videos with Python
    Using fuzzy hash functions on video images in Python to disprove someone on the internet. (TIL imageio)


  • Telefónica: the well-connected EU and Spanish lobbyist
    How Europe’s big telco holds progress in EU roaming, and how the largest Spanish provider (owning O2) is pivotal to it all. Lobbyism…
  • How The Intercept Outed Reality Winner & Did the Intercept Betray Its NSA Source?
    First link: Interesting to see the ominous yellow dots in action and be reminded that they are there. If the dots are really the reason why the FBI found out who leaked the documents, it is at the very least embarrassing for The Intercept. Buuut…
    Second link: Maybe not the yellow dots were to blame, but other missteps during the leak? Additionally, the FBI claims that only six people printed the documents. Even though, The Intercept might have given them definitive proof. Also interesting: The parallel construction method. See The Newsroom (regarding dealing with single sources of classified information) and The Good Wife (for parallel construction).
  • Der größte Steuerraub in der deutschen Geschichte
    Krasse Geschichte. Aber a) ist mir der akute Hype zu hoch (wegen fehlender Aktualität) und b) ist die Geschichte ein wenig verworren erzählt.
  • Deutschland braucht einen Digitalminister
    2000 hat angerufen und möchte seine Zukunft zurück.


  • The Lessons Warner Bros. (and Hollywood) Should Learn From ‘Wonder Woman’
    I have actually not seen Wonder Woman yet (the DE and NL premiere dates are both two weeks behind pretty much the rest of the world). But critics agree, this is finally the big budget DC movie which doesn’t suck. Slashfilm lists a few reasons.
  • Apple’s New Campus: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership
    Long piece about Apple’s new campus which unfortunately spends a lot of time praising all the great details and incredible sophistication without going into extensive, illustrated details. In any case, it is a great account of what one of the richest companies can produce outside of their niche. And that this building indeed is basically Steve Job’s legacy – »Apple Park is the architectural avatar of the man who envisioned it«.
  • Gun Emoji Pairings
    Analysis on how the gun emoji is placed in relation to other emojis in tweets

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